– I’m impressed by how the industry mobilizes towards the green shift

Valley Voice – a column where our cluster members are in focus. This week we talked with Moina Medbøe Tamuly, Co-Founder & Co-CEO of Ntention.

– I have faith that we as a species can save our climate through enough mobilization towards developing and building the energy technology and infrastructure of the future.

 1. What are you doing right now?  

Working to secure a very interesting contract. Wish I could say more about that but stay tuned!

2. What are the biggest challenges and opportunities in the future?

The biggest challenge is taking care of ourselves and each other, our climate falls under this category. The reason why I put this so broad is that I hope we can accomplish much more than just saving our climate. With exponential technology development the world also becomes more uncertain, the way we interact, work and live changes in shorter and shorter intervals.

We need to take a step back and make sure we’re adapting those developments to being human, to be happy, and to live rich and meaningful lives – if everyone is unhappy what is the point of saving the climate?

We’re on our way out of the industrial paradigm where the output used to directly correlate to hours worked. And with increasing automation more and more people become obsolete in the producing workforce. This should allow us more time to enjoy friends, family, culture etc. But we must be smart and fair about how resources are distributed and what our expectations of each other should be in this new world. Solving this is the biggest opportunity I can see!

3. How is Ntention working to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050?

Ntention is not in the energy sector but, personally, we’re all deeply concerned about the climate and are rooting for everyone who works with saving our future on this planet. It might be naive, but I have faith that we as a species can save our climate through enough mobilization towards developing and building the energy technology and infrastructure of the future.

A challenge I would love to work with is finding energy storage as dense, or denser than hydrocarbons with the same mobility and practicality. (This could allow for some very interesting vehicles, I’m dreaming about personal flight, look at “gravity industries” though).

I think we have a unique opportunity in Norway to secure our financial future by mobilizing even more of our oil money towards new tech and Norwegian IP. That requires political will, but I’m especially impressed by how the industry itself mobilizes towards the green shift. This is where the true value creations and competencies are.

Energy Valley has been an amazingly proactive and agile cluster over the years we’ve been involved. (I fondly recall the name change and announcement of a new strategy amidst the Energy:Connected conference some years ago).

The founders of Ntention Magnus Arveng and Moina Tamuly.

4. What keeps you awake at night with regards to the energy transition? 

I’m afraid we will not manage to mobilize fast enough. I’m afraid of political instability in a world that I instead hope becomes more global and that we will solve the challenges together.

I’m afraid that irrational fear paralyzes us from doing what we can with the technology we have today – Especially with regards to nuclear power. Go nuclear! Amazing developments on waste management and safety are happening in Finland – read about it.

Lastly, I’m afraid that I’m spending all my life working so hard to advance the way humans and technology interact in a world whose climate might collapse by the time we get there. Should I dance around a campfire into the proverbial sunset instead?

5. What is the most valuable thing about being a member of Energy Valley? 

The fantastic people you meet along the way and the access to help and advice from the industry.

 6. Is there any book that has inspired you in the way you lead? 

“Autobiography of a yogi.” Paramahansa Yogananda.

But for sheer inspiration and awe, I would love to suggest a short essay by Asimov called “the final question” here’s an audio link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojEq-tTjcc0. It is worth your 28 minutes, especially if you’re in the energy sector.

 7. Which Energy Valley member do you want to pass the baton on to? 

I would love to pass the baton to my friend Claire Blackett at IFE.

Thank you, Moina!