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We connect people and ideas across industry, academia, finance and politics by offering meeting places and platforms for cooperation and knowledge sharing.

We believe in the power of networks and that companies and institutions that collaborate are more innovative, more productive and more competitive.


Energy Valley

We are a technology cluster delivering world leading engineering from subsea to space, helping you to adapt to, benefit from, and contribute to an energy industry in transition.

Energy Valley’s 200 members represent the entire value chain in the energy industry, ranging from big operators to small software companies, from established business players to start-ups, from research institutions to sales organisations. As Norway’s largest cluster, our members collectively employ more than 31 000 highly skilled professionals.


The Norwegian Solar Energy Cluster

We help the world achieve it’s sustainability goals, while creating jobs for the future.

The cluster is made up of 95 partners with domestic and international reach, within a series of different fields, from major energy producers to inventors of small off-grid solutions. Solar energy is finding it’s way into several portfolios, contributing to what is the fastest growing energy source in the world.

In a single hour, the amount of power from the sun that strikes the Earth is more than the entire world consumes in a year.


Kjeller Innovation

We work to generate value from research. Achieving success often means taking risks at an early stage. This requires an ability to recognise good ideas and the needs of the market. Not least, it requires a culture of innovation. Our team believes in teamwork, commitment, know-how, creativity and determination – and a desire for renewal. We guide your innovation process from an initial idea to a growing company.

We help you generate value for your company and the society.


The world needs new energy

We therefore aim to help your global reach make an impact. Pitch a challenge amongst some of the world´s leading energy technology networks.


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