Competence building

We want your company to grow and innovate. Therefore we have developed several competencies building arenas that can help you on your journey. 


Get expert insight and meet some of the industry’s biggest hot-shots at our masterclasses. Learn about everything from new technology within hydrogen, offshore wind, solar, how to scale up your business, asset management, and much more.  


Tech Thursday

Here we highlight interesting and innovative energy technologies and companies to our facilities at Fornebu. We invite companies to present their energy technologies and innovations in 10-15 minute presentations. Each session will be dedicated to one company, the presentations will focus on technology, innovation, and business development followed by Q&A.   



The hackathon is an innovation workshop dedicated to professionals within different industries (incl. design, manufacturing, tech experts, service companies, technical and knowledge institutions) to work with some of the major challenges presented by some of the largest companies in the industry.

You will get a unique opportunity to network, and discuss technology development challenges with major industry players. Together with other companies, this is a chance to develop new solutions and focus on collaboration opportunities and synergies between companies.


Capgemini Invent 

Capgemini’s powerhouse for innovation, design, and transformation,  accelerating ideas into prototypes and scalable real-world solutions that help our clients get the future they want.

By combining strategy, technology, data science, and creative design expertise with an inventive mindset, Capgemini Invent partners with clients to innovate and transform their business, helping them navigate today while plotting a course for the future.