Energy.Invented provides knowledge and inspiration so your company can grow and deliver the solutions the world needs 

Capital strategy program

Energy.Invented’s Capital Strategy Program helps start-ups get a better understanding of the capital market and its key players. Here you can get inspiration and encouragement to expand your ambitions to scale and deliver global solutions. You will get hands-on tools for everyday life as an entrepreneur and build connections with investors.

SEB capital advisory

Companies connected to Energy.Invented get access to SEBs capital advisory. Here you can get help to navigate today’s ever-changing landscape from SEBs global advisory team. The team strives to create long-term value for you,  your stakeholders, and society at large. SEB capital advisory provides advice, support, and solutions within areas such as financing, risk and return management, sustainability, and transformation, asset and liability management as well as new regulation and technology. Through their global network, you have access to their services all around the world.