September 24 |

Powered by Solar: It is time to build tomorrow’s green jobs

Oslo Innovation Week // 12-2 PM


date: September 24, 2020
location: Online

There is a common understanding that we need to cut emissions globally, with ambitious targets already set. Do you want to learn more about the potential solar energy has to offer as part of a cleaner energy mix? And while providing renewable energy, the solar industry is also creating many new and green jobs. Which innovations are necessary in technology, finance and management to ensure solar energy’s full potential?

We will provide the latest updates on innovative solutions for producing solar energy, and share the perspectives for solar energy, both in terms of its growth potential and with regards to new solutions and technologies.

A strong cluster of Norwegian companies working with Solar Energy are pushing new solutions and technologies in the domestic and international solar markets both for industrial use and individual customers, contributing to a cleaner and more affordable energy mix.

Sign up to find out how solar can help drive the energy transition. We will address trends, solutions, business models and technologies for a sustainable future.

Please join the conversation and meet speakers from: 

Scatec Solar


Ocean Sun


Rystad Energy


Hosts: The Norwegian Solar Energy Cluster, ONS and Energy Valley.