March 24 |

Design Thinking Workshop

09.00 – 13.00 // Online


date: March 24, 2021
location: Online

Energy.invented invites energy startups and early stage energy companies to join our Design Thinking Workshop!

The workshop is facilitated by expertise from Idean, part of Capgemini Invent. The session is sponsored by Energy.invented and Innovation Norway and is free to attend. Program will be in English. There is a limited number of participants – so secure your spot early!



  • The ability to shift fous from purely being business or technology oriented, to focus on the value created for the end user. It can be hard to see beyond corporate customer and understand the needs and challenges of their employees.
  • To tell and sell a story. Articulating the value proposition, storyboarding the user experience and creating an elevvator pitch to sell ideas are all essential parts of what a startup needs to do. Striking the balance between developing the product itself, and iterating on your value proposition is key to succeed with investors and potential partners.
  • This is how Design Thinking is a great accelerator for entrepreneurship.


  • Introduction to design thinking process and frameworks
  • Teamwork to understand challenges, identify target users and their needs.
  • Define key success metrics and milestones to align team vision and direction.
  • Using the Service Model Framework, a powerful game plan, to outline a clear scope and approach to tackle the challenge at hand. It is a structured and visual way of working to quickly make decisions and then iterate on them.


  • Working on real challenges of your organisation
  • Iterating on your value proposition
  • Shifting the focus from business or technology to value creation for your customers.
  • Accelerating entrepreneurship
  • Experience a design thinking tool and understand the value of asking the right questions.


Questions? Contact

Katrine Vetlesen, VP Energy Innovation & Programs