Circular Water

Circular Water will supply clean and safe drinking water to rural and peri-rural areas where the need for water purification is great and infrastructure for energy and water is insufficient.

Circular Water’s purpose is to contribute to development for vulnerable groups in off-grid energy areas with scarse access to clean energy, safe water and food production. Circular Water’s SWAM – Solar-Water-Agriculture-Module – is a containerized turn key small-scale production module powered by solar energy for the production of potable water with biodegradable chemicals, bio-based soil conditioner for clean and safe food production.

The module form a base for a small business concepts for local harvesting and sale of solar, water and agriculture as a crop.

The main goal of Circular Water is to reach areas where access to energy, clean water and food are scarce resources. The main areas for the deliveries are, rural and Peri-Rural areas, slum areas and refugee camps.