Do you need help with growing your business? Or getting in touch with your first demanding customer? We got your back!

Energy.invented offers one of the country’s most experienced incubation programs for deep-technologies, developed by Kjeller Innovation. The program is aimed at entrepreneurs and start-ups with international growth potential.
Being part of our community gives you access to the best mentors and advisors in the energy industry.

We assist your scale up process, help you develop your business model, connect you with potential partners and customers, and prepare you for your next investor pitch.

We are very well connected to various investor- and funding opportunities.


What do you get?

  • Consulting in business development, strategy, finance, marketing and sales, recruitment, communication and capital acquisition
  • Access to a wide network within the R&D community, investor environments, industry, business partners and clusters.
  • Special agreements with our partners with expertise in law, intellectual property rights, patent, accounting and finance.
  • Access to tools and templates
  • Presentation and pitch training
  • Help in searching for various types of financing or capital.
  • Community with other entrepreneurs, with a good sharing culture and focus on common competence development.